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                           OUR LAND ROVER TD5 DEFENDER 110 COUNTY

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                               Advert Photo from 2013

In Early Summer 2013 we started looking for a Land Rover Defender 110 County

We were travelling more and more across Europe these days And could save a tidy sum if we were able to Camp overnight instead of expensive hotels, quickly setting up, and moving on the next morning was the key,

Plus we both fancied the idea of travelling further afield to places we wouldn’t take our Honda Goldwing.

Don’t get me wrong, we have had some great Holidays on the Wing, but after covering over 250, 0000 miles in the last 10/12 years on a bike we fancied a change

Also with 6 grandchildren it would allow us to take them along (but NOT all at once)

We had previously owned a Defender 110, back in the early 90s when our Children were young, travelling throughout Europe and having some great family holidays, Memories of that Landy weighed down with gear and kids climbing up narrow Alp roads are still very fresh in our minds even though its some 20+ years ago now.

We both still love our Land Rovers already owning a military 90 and a P38 range rover so a defender 110 equipped with the right kit for us, was a pretty easy choice to make, but finding the right one?

Four Months Later and its late October, We, that’s Tina and I, are sat aboard an Aircraft, on its regular Saturday Morning flight to Inverness from Manchester

We had seen the Advert for the 110 a few weeks earlier, but like many folk, had been put off with the 800 mile round trip in the Range Rover to the Highlands of Scotland and the fuel costs of course!

Discussing the Landy in Scotland, one evening with my Biking mate Geoff over a drink or two, he chirped up, “pity you cant fly up” Silly Bugger Geoff, I replyed “it would cost a fortune”      but he had got me thinking, and after checking on the internet, flying both ways if needed would only cost £200 for both Tina and I. and it was only an hour or so flight time,            Flying up was the way.

A few thousand feet above Loch Ness and we are Admiring the early morning view over the mountains to the North, as the Pilot prepares for touch down at Inverness Airport.


                                                      Loch Ness from the Air

 We are on our way to meet a chap who has been advertising a Defender 110 County TD5 9 seater in Green for sale and He is collecting us from the Airport

The Land Rover just happen’s to be, the right model, colour and spec, we had been looking for. Plus the price was negotiable.

After 3 months of looking at Land rovers, we were both hoping this one would be the one.

We had looked at some right rubbish, which had been advertised as mint, or spotless.

Don’t get me wrong, Land Rovers are working vehicles, so I always expected I would need to spend time on anything I brought, to get it just how I wanted it, but I wouldn’t have wasted my time or money on the utter rubbish we had seen so far.

I wont bore you with the purchase details but, 3 hours later, we are heading south on the A9 in our newly acquired 110. Yes! We had brought it.

I hadn’t paid anything near the asking price of £7500; due to finding yet again

The vehicle required a whole load of work, even with its full Land Rover dealer service history.

I had liked the Motor when I checked it over, even with the faults and work required, there was something about it, it felt right?

So I had negotiated the price right down to cover all the work I knew it needed,


                                          Rear Cross member in need of replacing


                                                    The Interior looked like new,

Which included, new suspension, new discs, brake callipers, swivel housings, and

Rear cross member, to name but a few of the jobs

Tina sat in the passenger seat, nodding off to the purr of the TD5 Engine, still holding her Handbag which contained a very large amount of cash which we hadn’t used,

I am sure she was dreaming of what she could spend it on, little realising just how much work our new vehicle would require and the cost of it.

We had an uneventful 400 plus mile drive back to our home in Yorkshire, The Defender Performed brilliantly and we were both impressed with our new purchase.


The following week the 110 was in at A&L Land rovers Nr Keighley, for the Work to commence

Andy & Rob are old friends, who really do know their stuff when it comes to Land Rovers, after many years of working from home they had taken the plunge and sorted out premises and become a new business restoring Land rovers, specialist work, plus general servicing and selling all models of Land rover.


                                 Cross member off, and well past its best

They were going to fit the new rear cross member for me.

But ended up doing a full suspension swop, new disc’s & callipers, new swivel housings, a full service, MOT, and fit a rather nice new winch bumper & winch which I happened across at a very low price, not forgetting they fit the Rear Cross member.


                                               New Bumper and Winch

All work completed by them within a few days, at a very Good price, so good in fact it wasn’t worth Rolling around outside the house on the Drive in the cold & wet getting my own hands mucky, (I think I am getting soft)

The next items required on my bucket list were, new tyres, followed by a roof rack, and a split charging system plus a bit of a touch up on areas of the paintwork.

But first we had a 3 week trip planned; we were driving down to Bulgaria to spend Christmas with Mally & Jan in our Ex- military Defender 90

We would be leaving the 110 at home, so where better to leave it than at the Paint shop of the shortest painter in Lancashire, Mark Lovell, aka, “Custom paint and Airbrushing”


                                 Mark Lovell “The Shortest Painter in Lancashire” 

Mark Specialize’s in Custom paintwork on Motorcycles from full restoration jobs on classic machines to full blown Artwork, He had offered, like mates do to sort out a few plebs on the paintwork for me, while we were away, No problem, anything for a mate?  while getting a bloody big Land rover through his tiny Workshop door proved interesting, little did we realise that he would end up having to spend most of the Christmas break painting that bloody thing which is now, how he refers to my landy   Sorry mate..

On returning home from Bulgaria We collected the 110 From Marks paint shop, He was spitting Feathers in a way only mate’s do,

The job had been much harder due to finding far more bits he wasn’t happy with,

But the Fussy little Fella had done a wonderful job, the 110 looked amazing.

Cheers Mark !


January 2014

Work is rolling on nicely, I had managed to find a Brownchurch roof rack, and with the help of Andy and Rob at A&L Land rovers, it was modified to take a Roof Tent.

Why a Roof tent you may ask, well it’s a long story but simply put, a good friend on facebook had a roof tent he had never used, and wasn’t going to, would I like it,

Yes please – How much? Come and get it and we will talk was the reply.

On a crisp Sunday Morning a trip to Stafford was made, to visit two old friends from The Goldwing Owners Club of GB. To collect an Easi-awn 1.4 Roof tent

And although I argued and begged to pay something for it, honest I did, they were having none of it, and it’s a Gift. Don’t argue, I even lost out paying for Lunch,

It’s a gift that is well used these days and has made our Travelling great fun

I won’t Name you here, but you know who you are, and we both Thank you!!”


                                   Roof Tent in Place and Tina loves it


Work on our Defender was cracking on now, with the addition of a snorkel, and full extended breather kit, plus Chequer plate was added to areas where we would stand And possibly damage.

The Roof Tent ladder was a little shaky when climbing up and down, so after a little research, and a mod, it now folds down on to the Light Bar.


                                                      Modified ladder mount.

Plus, Extra lighting was added, Led lights to the roof rack and standard spot lights to the light bar on the front.


                                                      Lighting up the Night

To Be Continued………………………………