Have you locked your keys & remote in your GL1800 Top case/ Trunk /Top box?

 If you are ever in the position where this applies to you, don’t panic.

There is a way of opening your Top case without damaging it.

 Firstly you need to remove the Seat and battery cover panel; you will also need a length of wire, approx 24 inches long.

After removing the seat, you need to locate the 14 pin grey Block connector.


This is usually located under the passenger part of the saddle on the left-hand side as you look at the Relay box, near and slightly under the Frame.

Connect one end of your jump wire to the + on the battery So that the jump Wire in your hand is now live.

(Please take care not to touch anything with the live wire on your machine)

Now prick/insert the other end of your live jump wire into to the red wire of the Grey block connector

(Or the blue wire on some models, depending on model year)

A short touch is all that is needed usually to pop the top case; you should hear the lock click and unlock the Top case, allowing you to open the lid.

Some find it easier to insert the wire into the grey block connectors –

Red or Blue Wire first,

And then touch the Battery + with the jump wire, it’s your choice which way round you wish to do it.


There is a yellow wire there THIS IS FOR LOCKING THE TOPCASE.

If you prick your jump wire to the yellow one it will lock the trunk (if it’s already in the closed position).