OK, so you’re off
touring Europe on your bike as a couple.

Here are a few
ideas which will make the riders life much easier and get you both working as a


1. Fuel stops.

When riding in a group fuel stops can cause the
biggest of all delays on our transit days.

To ease the burden on the rider, and the group

The passenger should always go and pay for the fuel,
(Yes, that’s before the toilet, drinks, etc girls.)

This allows the rider to move away from the pumps
quickly, allowing your fellow travelers’ to fuel up, and grab a bite to eat, or
drink or toilet.


2. toll booths

Again, it’s much easier for the passenger who as two
free hands, to not only carry loose change, but also dispense it into

The waiting hands of a booth operator, or machine.

The rider then has only to concentrate on balancing
the bike, waiting for the ok from you to move off and watching for the toll
gate to rise.


3. A second pair of eyes

European riding can be daunting for a first timer, or
a rider with little or infrequent touring experience

So helping him by watching the road ahead for road
signs, traffic, or even what other road users are doing and relaying the
information to him in a calm, relaxed manner, not forgetting it should be early
enough for him to act on,

Is a great help, and will keep you both alert on your


4. mountain road riding

Working together when riding tight, twisty, Alpine
roads is a skill which is worth learning, the passenger can become a very
important pair of eyes, by simple looking up past the tight hairpin bend and
telling the rider if traffic is coming or if it’s clear.

(Watch out for fast moving bicycles coming down the

He is watching the corner ahead, and may not always be
able to see up the mountain, where as

You the passenger can, you have intercom, so help him
and use it….

It will make the ride feel safer and more enjoyable
for both of you.


5. drinks and nibbles

Hopefully it’s going to be hot and sunny on our tour

Picking up something to chew, or drink as we ride
along is acceptable on a Goldwing.

Don’t by a huge bottle of water, a couple of litre
bottles are easier to use, and easier to store.

If you’re passing drinks or sweets to your rider,

Help him by telling him when, and which shoulder your
passing items over, or ask if he’s ready to accept your gift.


A water bottle
is a dangerous item if it becomes dislodged, and flies’ off,

Think of those behind you at all times please.


6. Photo’s on the move.

You can and will get some great photos as we travel

Please ensure your camera is secured to you at all

And the battery compartment cannot come open.

Batteries have been known to eject on the move

And at 70mph, it’s like a bullet hitting the front of
a bike or rider,


7. CB radio

This is a very important piece of equipment for your
group leader and backdoor man,

By all means chat or ask questions on the CB but make
it as short as possible,

That way information can always be passed on when
required by your marshals.


8. Beware of the push-bike.

You may laugh, but cyclists in towns and in the
mountains are your worst nightmare,

They travel down mountain roads far faster than you
will; they overtake/undertake on blind bends,

They have no regard for other road users and will cut
you up. So be careful.

On main roads you will find large groups of cyclists
riding together

Take care passing / overtaking them, look well ahead
for any obstacle which may cause them to swing out, because they will come out
as a group and expect you to move over,

In Italy cycling is a very popular hobby/sport

They break all the rules of the road but If you injure
one of them expect a heavy fine and a costly damages claim,