Welcome to the all new Wanderers website.

Hello and Welcome, to the updated and redesigned 2015 Appy Wanderers website,

If you were looking for the Appy Wanderers Goldwing Touring Group then I am sorry to inform you that the Club as been dissolved.


Wanderers on Tour

Those involved over the last 10 years have some great memories of the fun times we had together, to carry with them forever, but I felt the time had come to move on and call it a day.

I decided to keep the Website up and running, to use as my own Personal Web page,  So many of you have found the information contained on here, very useful over the years, so why lose it.

It now gives me the Opportunity to continue sharing My Goldwing Knowledge gained from my Work, And From my future experiences of Touring Europe on the Goldwing or in the Land Rover with you.

2005 wand

The Old Website

All the information and write-ups, about Goldwings & Motorcycle Touring in Europe from the old Website are still available on here; Check out the Goldwing Touring & Info pages, it’s all there plus a little more has been added.

The old Write-ups are now located in the Holidays & adventure pages along with new adventures.

All the Hotel information as been retained under the page Hotels, Plus a new Links Box for campsites in the UK & Europe has been added.

The other New Pages which I have added to the website are orientated away from my first love “Goldwings” and towards my other love, Land Rovers.


I have been Driving and Restoring Land Rovers longer than I have been Riding Goldwings, and Tina and I  will continue to enjoy both as long as we can.

I hope you find the new Website interesting and enjoyable that’s why its here, and should you have an idea about improving the content in any way, drop me a line at  appywanderers@hotmail.co.uk

“Appy” Touring folks


Barry & Tina

The Appy Wanderers